Randy Hammons

User experience engineer, designer, and cyclist.


japanTripYep, that’s me over to the right. Hi, I’m Randy, and this is my site. I live in Cleveland. (Ohio, that is, accept no substitutes.)

My interests are varied, and I think this site has started to reflect that a bit more lately. I’ve written about technology, photography, the day to day dronings of a user experience design etc. For a while the radio went silent on this blog. A long while. It’s my hope to rekindle my writing, but you can believe me that it will be as varied as ever. I’ll write on web technologies as much as I will hopefully write on my favorite beers or local haunts. I’m casting a wide net, and I’m not going to keep a sharp focus in hopes that this gives me a means to hone my lacking writing skills.

During the work week I am primarily a lead front end developer and user experience engineer. The web is my medium, and it’s where I craft my code and design to make it a better place.

I grew up knowing I wanted to be an artist at a very early age; inspired by tattoo artists, hollywood effects and comic book illustrators. I spent all the time I had taking art classes and wound up in art school just a month after graduating high school. I drew a lot. Somewhere in the midst of that, the internet happened, and I realized where commercial artistry could put me, and how it would apply. I think it was the old grade school x-men sketches and tattoo flash art doodles that put me where I’m at today.

I’ve learned various coding languages over the years. In the mid-90’s it was just a hobby, these days I get paid for it. I do not consider myself to be a real programmer, but I love being able to manipulate the web in the ways that are available to us.

I have a love-hate relationship with the internet, and spend a lot of time on it. It’s at the core of my career and my life. It’s how I met my wife. The way it’s changing our world is enthralling. It’s a weapon and a cure.

If you’re looking to work with me this bio probably isn’t tremendously helpful. I’d suggest reviewing my linkedIn, downloading my resume, and reaching out to me directly. I’m not currently pursuing full-time employment, but I am open to side projects and other potentially interesting endeavors.