Science’s Biggest Fail | Scott Adams Blog

I used to think fatty food made you fat. Now it seems the opposite is true. Eating lots of peanuts, avocados, and cheese, for example, probably decreases your appetite and keeps you thin.

I used to think vitamins had been thoroughly studied for their health trade-offs. They haven’t. The reason you take one multivitamin pill a day is marketing, not science.

I used to think the U.S. food pyramid was good science. In the past it was not, and I assume it is not now.

Science’s Biggest Fail | Scott Adams Blog

A layer of dust

This domain has, for better or worse, laid dormant for over four years now and I’m personally ashamed of that. As a means to correct that, and to freshen up on my writing prowess, or lack thereof, I intend on making a habit of contributing something new here at a minimum of once a week. It may be as simple as a few interesting link shares or as complex as a long form post or review on something I’ve recently experienced, reflect upon or created. This blog is my oyster — I think that’s right idiom.

Now, if there’s any chance you are an existing subscriber, sitting there, eagerly awaiting updates after all these years, I’ll go ahead and give a quick recap on what’s happened over these last four years.

  • I am still at Optiem, now The Adcom Group, working as Lead Front End Developer with some of the best digital marketing talent Cleveland has to offer.
  • Shannon and I bought our first home — it’s close to work, tucked into the corner of Ohio City and Detroit Shoreway and we love it. We’ve been there coming up on four years — and we’re still making it our own. I expect plenty of home ownership posts to come about.
  • We’ve acquired two big-hearted felines: Newton and Lil, both APL rescued cats, and each with their own personalities and quirks.
  • I’ve started cycling, a lot,  participating in several charity fundraisers and competing in various regional race events.
  • I haven’t touched my camera nearly frequent enough and mean to get back into that, hoping this blog revitalization will kick that back in gear as well.
  • I’m still very much into HTPC tinkering, and it has recently spun me into geeking out on home-automation as well.

The Cats!

A nice ‘Hello’ from Newton and Lil.

Plex 9 has been released!

For the past week I’ve been working on an in-depth post detailing my HTPC setup and experiences with other HTPC solutions, and in the past few days a lot has come up – most importantly, so far, the release of Plex 9 and I wanted to give it a solid and deserving plug. I’ve been a Plex user for a couple years now, and this is a very welcomed upgrade so far.  New features include a new and improved media manager, a universal iOS app, improved network sharing and more.

Avoiding the Uncanny Valley of Interface Design

Just read this article from Francisco Inchauste that brought back a lot of solid design reminders and reinforcements:

What many of these designers don’t realize is that they are doing their client a disservice. Users don’t come to the site or open the application to stare at a UI. They come with needs to find certain content or to complete a task. They have other things they’d rather be doing like walking their dog. They aren’t designers and into the details of every pixel. They could care less if the text has the letterpress effect, unless it hinders their experience.

Raising Havok

Drawing of Havok and Wolverin by Dave Mottram

I’ve been sitting on this for more than a month and finally got the chance to hang it in the home office this weekend. This is a close-up of a pencilling drawn by co-worker Dave Mottram that came about as a gift idea of my good friend Sam.  Made for one excellent and unpredictable birthday gift.

I’ve posted two shots of this in my flickr photostream if you’d like to see the rest of the image and more detail.